Over 1,000 People Pledge to Move Beyond TXU

Just weeks after the public launch of the Beyond TXU campaign in Dallas, the Sierra Club has reached a milestone: more than one thousand people have signed the pledge to move beyond TXU and seek a cleaner, cheaper electric service provider.

1,000 Pledges Graphic

TXU Energy is owned by Energy Future Holdings (EFH), which was formed in 2007 as part of the largest leveraged buy-out in United States history. Energy Future Holdings owns four large and aging coal plants in Texas. These four coal-fired power plants alone generate one quarter of all industrial air pollution in Texas, and include the nation’s single largest source of mercury pollution.

“The Sierra Club launched the Beyond TXU campaign in Dallas just two weeks ago to send the message that Energy Future Holdings cannot ignore the serious problems at their coal-fired power plants any longer,” said Dr. Al Armendariz, senior campaign representative with Sierra Club in Texas.

“We’re seeing a strong response from the public as we work to educate people about TXU Energy’s connection to Energy Future Holdings and their four toxic coal plants. As EFH moves toward bankruptcy, potential creditors should be wary: not only is the Sierra Club challenging the illegal pollution from Energy Future’s coal plants, we’re working to show Dallas area residents that TXU is a bad choice for an electricity provider.”

The Sierra Club launched the Dallas-based public campaign on April 11 with a telephone press conference, an online ad buy on Dallas-area media sites, and a billboard on John Carpenter Freeway West of downtown Dallas. In addition, Sierra Club volunteers, including student leaders at Southern Methodist University, are presenting information about the campaign to church groups and the public. Beyond TXU activists recently held an information booth at the Dallas Earth Day celebration.

“Once people learn that TXU Energy is connected to Energy Future Holdings, one of the dirtiest companies in Texas, they want to sign the pledge and switch their power provider,” said Flavia de la Fuente, Sierra Club’s organizer on the ground. “Some of our supporters switched because TXU Energy’s prices are higher than clean energy plans and some people pledge to switch as soon as their contract is up. Right now, more than one thousand Texans have already said they don’t want to do business with a company connected to the four dirtiest coal-fired power plants in Texas.”


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