Sierra Club on Border Militarization

Sierra Club on Border Militarization Amendment

(Washington, D.C.) – Senator John Cornyn (TX) has outlined the details of his proposed amendment to the Senate immigration reform bill over the last two days.  Details of the amendment include provisions that would sideline the path to citizenship while further militarizing the border between the U.S. and Mexico .

Cornyn’s amendment is among several the Sierra Club opposes, including amendment 1207 from Senator Mike Lee that expands the waiver of 37 federal laws and environmental protections and amendment 1197 from Senator John Thune, which would expand a massive, ineffective fence that bisects communities and threatens landscapes and wildlife. Club Executive Director Michael Brune released the following statement in response:

Sen. Cornyn’s amendment not only undermines the principle of a fair and just path to citizenship, but it also threatens to kill the Senate immigration bill.

“This amendment would make bad border policies — that have already proven ineffective and dangerous — even worse. Sen. Cornyn’s amendment serves to further militarize the border, wasting more taxpayer money on an unneeded military buildup on the border, bringing drones, bases, checkpoints, high-voltage lighting and surveillance to every corner of our borderlands, including protected natural areas.  Beyond that, the Cornyn amendment would effectively block off the vital path to citizenship in the Senate bill.

“If Sen. Cornyn was truly interested in passing comprehensive immigration reform, this divisive, reactionary amendment would have been thrown in the trash instead of onto the Senate floor. Instead, he’s attempting to deal a poison pill that would derail immigration reform and threaten American communities and our wild places.”



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