Houston Does it — adopts residential code 15% above state minimum standard

Texans living in Houston got some good news today when Mayor Anise Parker and the Houston City Council unanimously adopted a new residential energy code that is 15% MORE energy efficient than the state’s minimum standard. By taking this action, Houston joins a growing number of cities which have assured that new homes (and apartment buildings three stories or less) are being built efficiently. While the State Energy Conservation Office adopts the minimum standards, cities have the authority to adopt more efficient building codes. Houston has been a green leader on buildings for many years, consistently approving codes above state minimums. Today’s action is good news for homeowners, and will save energy, money and water too!

Sierra Club will continue to work with our allies to help local cities adopt standards for new construction that are energy efficient. Next up? Still trying to get Susan Combs at the Comptroller of Public Accounts to direct her SECO to adopt new codes similar to Houston’s. Also, we expect our efforts in San Antonio to pay off soon, as City Council is expected to begin discussing the 2012 IECC in February. Go green team!


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