Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (temporarily)… Judge sides with polluters, not people

For Immediate Release:
February 26, 2014


Sean Sarah, Sierra Club 330 338-3740


Luminant’s Big Brown Plant Allowed to Keep Polluting
Sierra Club Pledges to Keep Working to Clean Up Texas Air


Waco, TX – Today, a Federal judge ruled against the Sierra Club in its case to prove that the Luminant and Energy Future Holdings owned Big Brown coal fired power plant violated federal clean air protections more than 6,000 times and, that the owners have known about the violations since 1997.  


In response to today’s decision by the judge in the federal court for the Western District of Texas, Senior Campaign Representative for Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, Al Armedariz, issued the following statement:


”We are deeply disappointed by today’s court decision in  Sierra Club vs Luminant.   As a result, people who live downwind from Luminant’s Big Brown plant will continue to suffer from the harmful effects of air pollution the plant produces.  While other coal plants around the country must ensure that safe, modern protections from pollution are installed, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality continues to give Big Brown a free pass to pollute Texas communities.  The Sierra Club, nevertheless, will continue our efforts to protect Texans from Luminant’s pollution.”


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