Obama Administration Finalizes Cleaner Tailpipe Standards

Note: Dallas and Houston area already are considered non-attainment areas for high levels of ground-level ozone during the hot summers, but areas like Beaumont-Port Arthur, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus, Waco and Tyler-Longview-Marshall on occasion violate the standards and likely would be considered non-attainment if they strengthen the standard as expected. This action on car and truck pollution by the Obama Administration will be tremendously helpful in Texas. If we can get our cars and trucks as clean as possible, we can do the same in the oil patch, and in those big old coal plants. We need all the sectors to clean up their mess if we are ever going to have air in our cities that is clean enough to breath safely. 




March 3, 2014


Contact: Maggie Kao, maggie.kao@sierraclub.org


Obama Administration Finalizes Cleaner Tailpipe Standards


[Washington, DC] Today, the Obama Administration finalized cleaner tailpipe standards that will reduce smog-forming pollution from cars and trucks. Smog, also known as ozone, is a toxic compound that causes a wide range  of health problems, from asthma attacks to heart disease.  These standards, also known as “Tier 3,” will require refiners to reduce the sulfur content of gasoline and automakers to use advanced pollution control technology, starting in 2017.  

 Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune released the following statement in response:

“Today, more than four in ten Americans live in places where the air is sometimes dangerous to breathe, due in part to pollution from cars and trucks. When these cleaner tailpipe standards go into effect in 2017, Americans will breathe easier, and they will feel the benefits of cleaner cars and trucks almost immediately.  

“Despite Big Oil’s attempts to derail and delay these commonsense, public health standards, the Obama Administration stood firm. These new standards will save lives, reduce asthma attacks, clean up air pollution, and create American jobs.

“The Sierra Club and our 2.4 million members and supporters applaud President Obama for finalizing cleaner tailpipe standards to strengthen his legacy of cleaner, more efficient vehicles, and commonsense public health protections.”


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