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Texas Sierra Club Activist Named “Tyrant’s Foe” by Texas Observer Magazine

Scott Nicol

Scott Nicol has been named a “Tyrant’s Foe” in the October issue of the Texas Observer magazine for his work in opposition to the border wall.  Scott is a member of the Sierra Club’s Lower Rio Grande Valley Group ex com and co-chairs the Sierra Club Borderlands Team.   With fellow Sierra Club members and other border residents he founded No Border Wall in 2007 in an effort to stop damaging border walls from being built.

The No Border Wall website that Scott co-created and maintains is an invaluable online tool to educate the public and the press about the tremendous damage walls are causing in our borderlands.  In addition, Scott has written op-eds that have appeared regularly in the Rio Grande Guardian, and have been printed in the Christian Science Monitor, the Progressive Magazine, Austin American Statesman, and other papers around the country.  With the rest of the Sierra Club Borderlands Team, he is hard at work keeping further environmentally-destructive border legislation from being passed.

Just this month, the House Natural Resources Committee voted in favor of HR 1505, which waives 36 laws on all federal lands within 100 miles of the US-Mexico and US-Canada borders for Customs and Border Protections activities.  National Parks from Big Bend to Glacier, along with wilderness areas, wildlife refuges, and forests, will have no legal protections when CBP wants to build walls, roads, or bases.

Without loud opposition from environmental organizations and others it will likely pass the House, and quite possibly the Senate.  Scott and the Sierra Club Borderlands Team have been rallying opposition to the bill nationwide.

Visit sierraclub.org/borderlands to learn more and get involved.

Congratulations to Scott and the rest of the Borderlands Team for some well-deserved recognition!

What do you see from 9,000 feet?

State Representative Allan Ritter sat down last week for what turned out to be a productive tête a tête with the leaders of the Golden Triangle’s environmental community.  As the Chair of House Natural Resources, Ritter and this relaxed yet erudite community of advocates were already acquainted.

Representative Ritter’s experience of 80 degree temperatures at 9,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies on a recent autumn trip may have helped prepare Representative Ritter for what was the fifth in a series of almost a dozen TCEQ Sunset Town Hall meetings taking place across the state.   He said that sweating in the heat at that elevation in the Rockies in  autumn, his first thought was ‘This must be global warming.”

Thank you, Representative Ritter for voicing a concern we share and breaking a relative silence that has prevailed at the Texas Legislature on that subject.

The overwhelming majority of scientists back you.  From today’s Austin American-Statesman —

Today , the American Geophysical Union, the country’s largest association of climate scientists, plans to announce that 700 climate scientists have agreed to speak out as experts on questions about global warming and the role of air pollution caused by humans.

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