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Some lawyers and a laptop go up against Big Oil

Well.  That’s not quite all it takes to sue Shell, Chevron, and Exxon for illegal pollution at their gas refineries and chemical plants on Houston’s ship channel.  But it makes a great story on Houston’s KHOU-TV.

What it really takes is neighbors around the refineries standing up for their communities and for their rights to breathe as guaranteed under the Clean Air Act.  What it really takes is partnership — this one between Sierra Club and Environment Texas working together with a damn fine Boston law firm the National Environmental Law Center.  So what — these lawyers are Yankees.  We love ’em!!!  Plus we got some damn fine Texas lawyers helping out, too — Phil Hilders and Kelly Haragan.  So in this David and Goliath story, David is a team.

A team going up against the State of Texas. 

The whole problem is wrong-thinking in Texas leadership that would fight against our right to clean air.  Texas Governor Rick Perry, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and the Commissioners of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality are trying to buck the Clean Air Act — the law of our land that is there to protect public health.  

Sierra Club and our friends are not standing by and allowing that.  No damn way.

— Donna Hoffman, Communication Coordinator, Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club

PS  I saw the Molly Ivins play recently so I had to say damn enough times in this post.