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Texas Legislature to Study Potential for High-Level Rad Waste among other issues

Today, Speaker Straus put out interim charges for the Texas House of Representatives. There were many. But among the most controversial may be one he gave to the Committee on Environmental Regulation, which states:

2. Study the rules, laws, and regulations pertaining to the disposal of high-level radioactive waste in Texas and determine the potential economic impact of permitting a facility in Texas. Make specific recommendations on the state and federal actions necessary to permit a high-level ra dioactive waste disposal or interim storage facility in Texas.

This is not good news. Though only a study, it means someone is interested in turning Texas into the nation’s high-level waste dumping ground, to go along with the low-level radioactive waste we already receiving from around the nation. As you recall, Sierra Club won a State District Court case against the state and WCS – Waste Control Specialists — for not allowing us a contested case hearing before TCEQ granted the rad waste license. We are still waiting for our day in court as the case goes to the Third Court of Appeals. 

In the meantime – thought I would put this statement out


“Since 2003, Waste Control Specialists has repeatedly attempted to increase the volume and type of waste coming into Andrews County. First, it was waste imported from states that were not part of the compact with Texas, then it was only the hottest Class C waste, now they are trying to bring in depleted uranium and quintuple the volume of waste at their site,” noted Cyrus Reed, Conservation Director of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club. “Now, the legislature will be looking at high-level radioactive waste. Let us remind the legislature that the Sierra Club won its case at State District Court to be granted a contested case hearing on the current license, and we should have our day in court to determine if the site is safe before we go further on the road to turning Texas into the nation’s dumping ground.” 

Of course this is just one issue among many the Leg will be studying in the interim. For a complete list, see here