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Is Hillary Clinton secretly a Canadian?

Birthers, might want to start filing those birth certificate requests. Hillary Clinton…might. be. Canadian.

Just a few days ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she is inclined to approve the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline, which would bring in dirty tar sands oil from Canada (they don’t want it).

“We’re either going to be dependent on dirty oil from the Gulf or dirty oil from Canada.”

Or…there’s that third option…you know… neither.

Tar sands oil is laden with sulfur, arsenic and heavy metals, and contaminates vast amounts of fresh water in processing. Mining and refining tar sands crude produces up to three times as much greenhouse gas per barrel as conventional crude oil.

In Texas, the Keystone XL pipeline will traverse sixteen large rivers. It will crisscross several rivers that are listed as sensitive and protected, including Big Sandy Creek, Angelina River, Neches River, and the Pine Island Bayou.
These rivers and drainages feed 21 lakes and municipal reservoirs, including the Pat Mayse Lake, Lake Tyler, and Lake Cypress Springs,  supporting robust fishing and tourism industries. As the BP disaster in the Gulf showed, oil spills can be devastating to tourism. It’s not worth putting these major Texas lakes at risk from a toxic pipeline disaster.
Water contamination isn’t the only concern, however. Ninety percent of the increased refining capacity accompanying the proposed Keystone XL pipeline will likely occur in Port Arthur and Houston, an area already plagued with poor air quality.  In fact, a Rice University study found that levels of cancer-causing chemicals produced in oil refining are already much higher in Houston than in any other city–in some cases, twenty times higher. If the Keystone XL expansion is built, Houston residents can expect to see an increase in the kind of air pollution that leads to these serious health problems.
Secretary Clinton will soon make the decision on whether or not to permit the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline – but we’re all wondering why we’re importing this stuff anyways.

You know, Canada and the United States have a long, storied history of, well, being very polite neighbors.

But a polite neighbor lends you a cup of sugar, not 3 million barrels per day of the world’s dirtiest, arsenic-laden oil.

This is America, people.  Sign the petition here, and tell Hilary what you think.

For more information on the tarsands pipeline, click here.

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