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Social and Environmental Change for the Holidays

It’s that time of year when people start shopping for holiday gifts…

A great way to support environmental movements is through consumerism. If consumers demand more environmentally, sustainable goods and socially conscious products, that’s what will be provided. Also, what better way to support  socially conscious causes than to purchase gifts that assist them. This way they benefit and even more people learn about the cause through your gift.

We are going to showcase a few online stores whose mission is to improve social justice and/or promote environmental conservation and stewardship.

Definitely don’t stop here, but be encouraged to search and find all the many organizations and companies that are making an impact on being environmentally and socially conscious in producing their goods.

This is just a start.

SOCO Hammocks


This Texas-based brand’s mission is to, “empower underprivileged populations through partnerships with nonprofit organizations who provide humanitarian aid”. They  pay fair wages to the artisans at Indocrafts in the small village of Ubud, Indonesia who make the cozy hammocks. Ten percent of the profit goes to a new nonprofit each month.

These  pack down to the size of a softball, making them great for camping. They also are a good hint for that person who just needs to take time, post up a hammock, and relax. Check out their website here and their blog here.                Kick Back Give Back in a SOCO Hammock!


Greenheart Shop

Greenheart Shop is an online store based out of Chicago that offers an array of products that are both fair trade and environmentally friendly. These products range from kids clothing, to food, to Oil Drum art. Their products are made using sustainable materials and methods and they pay the artisans fair wages. As well as being fair trade and eco friendly, this initiative supports the non-proft, Center for Cultural Interchange, to help international students in the US and Americans traveling abroad to partake in different environmental and social volunteer opportunities.



Olive Barn

Do you love gardening and want to share your love with others? Or do you know someone else who does? Olive Barn, who’s tagline is “Rooted in Sustainable Living”, has organic seed kits, wind chimes,and  sun catchers. Their seed kits would be really great for someone who wants to start learning about gardening or an avid gardener. All their seeds are organic! The business also happens to be owned and operated by a former Texas A&M Aggie and ranked in the top 100 fastest growing Aggie-owned companies.

These are just a few examples of companies working towards more sustainable, earth friendly, socially conscious consumerism. When you start shopping for your holiday gifts, search for stores that offer the items you want to buy, with an environmental mindset attached to their production.

Comment below with other great, conscious companies you have found.

Merry Earth Day! Handy Resources for YOU!

Earth Day is Friday, April 22.  Great stewards of the planet that we are, we like to celebrate it all month, eh?  If you have tabling events planned and want some materials or if you just want to learn more, download these EARTH DAY MATERIALS.  You can print these (in color?) for distributing at your tables.

Sierra Club Membership forms (3 per page) that you can print, cut, collect and mail with new members’ checks or credit card info.

Sierra Club’s Featured Earth Day ACTION — Gather comments on the EPA new proposed Mercury and Air Toxics rule.  Here are the postcards (2 per page, double-sided, color — need to cut them.) for the EPA Mercury and Air Toxics rule.  Please gather signatures at your Earth Day events and return these signed Mercury Postcards to:  Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, P.O. Box 1931, Austin, TX  78767.  Thank you!


Fish Guide that shows which types of fish have the most mercury in them.
A Poster for backdrop display.


Texas Clean Energy Future is Now fact sheet.
Texas Living Waters Municipal Water Conservation fact sheet.
Global Warming and the Lone Star State
(kind of long EDF publication at 24 pages)
Outings Posters — Outings are the most frequent way that people become interested in Sierra Club!
State Capitol Report on Luminant coal plants.

The Verdict is In on Nuclear Power:  Dirty, Dangerous, Expensive fact sheet.

If you have a laptop at your tabling event, you can show off Sierra Club communications!  Please bookmark and use these:

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