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Apply: Social Media Intern

Best Internship in Texas!

Apply to the best internship around!   Apply by Friday, December 3rd, 5pm.

Sierra Club Internship! Dates:  Spring 2011

Location:  Texas – city flexible

Campaign Background: The Sierra club is the oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization in the country. Currently, the Sierra Club is working on moving beyond coal in Texas, promoting energy efficiency, conserving our water, and ensuring that we have clean air to breathe through political and grassroots action. We’re also promoting a strong federal climate bill that will create thousands of new, green jobs, and stimulate the economy.

Opportunities: Interns with the Sierra Club will work with a professional staff-person to learn many of the skills used in grassroots and advocacy organizing.  The internship will provide the opportunity to participate with all elements of the campaign or to focus on one main aspect, depending on the intern’s interest.  Depending on progress and commitment shown, there is also an opportunity for the internship to continue past set end date with remote supervision from the Austin Sierra Club office.

Interns will learn the ins and outs of grassroots organizing. Interns will learn how to organize a grassroots campaign, including the media, messaging, and money that goes into it. Interns will learn real skills through professional trainings and will apply their new expertise to the many different campaigns the Sierra Club is currently conducting.

Interns will work closely with local and national Sierra Club leaders. Interns will be expected to work a flexible 10-15 hour week, with the potential for financial incentives in the future. Interns will have the opportunity to work in communications, fundraising, policy research, among other things.

Media Aspect: Interns will learn how to develop media strategies that promote Sierra Club, educate the public about the campaign, and use the media as an advocacy tool.  Activities include developing relations with the local media, organizing press conferences, writing news releases, and building visibility for events.  There will also be a focus on generating letters to the editor.

Outreach Aspect: Interns will learn how to strategize and implement a plan for entering the community and involving local citizens in the campaign.  Focus will be on contacting and gaining the support of local environmental groups, student groups, community members, businesses, and scientists.  There is also an opportunity to set up slide-show events and give educational presentations to interested citizens and organizations.

Supervision: You have a weekly call with the Sierra Club Staff to develop message and strategy, along with holding regular office hours and maintaining progress on a semester plan.  This internship requires a commitment of at least 10-15 hours per week.

Skills Required: Commitment to environmental issues and social change, strong communication skills, desire to develop campaign organizing skills, and commitment to grassroots organizing; no previous experience required.

Expectations: Once accepted, all interns are expected to complete the semester of the internship program they have committed to in order to receive credit.

Contact: Candidates should send their resume and cover letter to Sierra Club internship coordinator, Jackie Verdin at jacklyn.lynn.verdin@gmail.com.

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