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LULAC #1 Slams Las Brisas

LULAC Council #1 writes to the office of EPA enforcement, urging them to step in on Las Brisas’ air permit due to the inconsistencies between the TCEQ’s permitting policies and the Clean Air Act.

Dear Ms. Gina McCarthy,

As the founding council of the oldest and largest Latino civil and human rights organization in the nation, The League of United Latin American Councils (LULAC) No. 1 is proud to go on record as adamantly opposing the permitting or building of Las Brisas Energy Center in Corpus Christi, Texas by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

To permit this plant to continue its plans to construct an energy center in Corpus Christi Texas is tantamount to cultural and ethnic genocide. The projected overload of pollutant and particulate matter will not only adversely affect the over-all population of our community, but, will grossly add to the economic burden of trying to provide adequate health care and prevention to a segment of the community that is already tragically lagging in that area- our poor Latino, Black, and Anglo neighbors who have fallen through the economic cracks and cannot afford even the most basic of health care. LULAC Council No. 1 has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our community partners like the Nueces County Medical Society, the Beach Access Coalition, Sierra Club, Texas Coastal Bend Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, and the Clean Economy Coalition to oppose this travesty from occurring We oppose Las Brisas’ permit and construction because of the horrific adverse effects on our community and our economy due to the massive health issues that will be forthcoming if this plant is allowed to build.

LULAC Council No.1 strongly urges and calls for the US Environmental Protection Agency to step forward and intervene in this issue since the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has failed the people of the State of Texas and the Coastal bend community by succumbing to the Las Brisas lobbyists and those who profit from the permitting and construction of coal-burning and pet-coke plants. TCEQ has continually ignored the please of the public and continue to unfairly allow Las Brisas latitude to correct falsehoods on their permitting applications and have given them a more than unequal advantage in the hearing process. Any other organization would have been reprimanded or had their permit revoked except for the vast amounts of money that are being spent to ease the process on behalf of the Las Brisas Energy Center.

In the opinion of LULAC Council No.1, TCEQ is not operating within the legal parameters and standards of the Clean Air Act and has abrogated its responsibility to the people of Texas, the City of Corpus Christi, and the surrounding communities of the Coastal Bend. Now is the time to correct the errancy of this state agency.

With utmost respect, I remain

Roland A. Gaona, Trustee
LULAC Council No. 1

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