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The Last Mountain

The Last Mountain (click to see our poster about the movie!)

If you haven’t heard yet, today (July 21st) is the LAST day to see The Last Mountain in Austin at the Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills. It’s a film that has it all- explosions, drama, and a happy ending.

Showtimes are: 2:50 pm      5:20pm     7:50pm     10:20pm

 This is an inspirational film in which community joins together to prevent their mountain from being destroyed by the coal industry.

But it’s not just about saving the mountain, it’s also about protecting democracy. Moreover, at stake is the health of everyone in the community which has already been compromised by previous mining operations.

Learn more about the movie and see the trailer here.

But coal doesn’t just affect this community, it affects YOU too. See how coal affects you and come out to see the movie and support the movement for cleaner energy solutions!