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Lower Rio Grande Valley Bikes to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels

Folks from across the Lower Rio Grande Valley gathered at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Saturday for a morning bike ride. This was more than just your usual Sierra Club outing, but a call on local, state and national leaders to address climate change and move beyond fossil fuels. The numerous renewable energy projects around TSTC were showcased during this ride, and participants learned ways that they can help move beyond fossil fuels. We are able to have a clean energy future, and now we want our decision makers to join us in pledging to do so to keep our air and water clean.

The Moving Planet bike ride was a great success with around 50 people in attendance, and media coverage from The Monitor, The Valley Morning Star, and the Brownsfield Herald. Many thanks to Mark Peña, Sally Merrill,  Stefanie Herweck, and the other organizers for hosting such a wonderful event!

Austinites Bike to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels

By: Brian Jackson
September 24th 2011 – Today was Moving Planet Day promoted by 350.org to move the planet beyond fossil fuels and unsustainable practices. The Lone Star Sierra Club paired with 350.org to host a green and sustainability bike tour. (Special thanks to Niles Seldon with Austin group’s outings in being the lead organizer for the event!) The group assembled at 4th and Guadalupe at the Austin farmer’s market to a beautiful Texas morning, the music and the fan-fare of the market. At around noon the 60 or so enthusiasts took action to explore the many sustainable and green transportation and civic landmarks around the city. The first stop was City hall where Council member Chris Riley shared many of the installations of the legislative building, including the terraced gardens watered from the Air conditioning condensation water.
The ride continued towards the Austin Amtrak station, that while not itself inclusively a green project, represents the public transportation of the future, with routes to Dallas, Houston, El Paso and San Antonio. The ride continued to ride past the Seaholm Power Plant, where the city is redeveloping the former power plant, into a hotel, apartment, concert venue and business park. This is a green project because it is revitalizing the buildings we already have to boost new industry. Other highlights included stops at the Whole Foods parking lot where we saw the electric car charging station and the Whole Foods Bicycle repair station both promoting more sustainable forms of transportation.
As the afternoon wore on and the Texas sun beat down, and the mercury topped 100, some riders turned toward home before we stopped at the Austin Sierra CLub office where volunteers can come and find resources and get involved in sustainable change. Our final destinations were the Texas Capitol building and the downtown Metro-rail station the meets the Lance Armstrong Bikeway. The brave dozen or so that made the last stop discussed local Cycling clubs and preferred routes, A Favorite being to take the metro rail towards Leander then riding back to Downtown.
The power of 350.org‘s vision of moving the planet is a goal that is a simple as dusting off your bike and taking it to work, or taking the relaxing trip to Dallas on the train rather than driving the congested 35. Many people felt the directs power of the sun on the ride and are enthusiastic about the possibility of the Austin City encouraging rooftop solar as the city’s power source. Beating fossil fuels is a battle won a day at a time, and todays bike ride proved that with enthusiasm and strength.