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Sierra Club Challenges EPA to Create Texas Clean Air Plan

Today we challenged the EPA to help make it right in Texas! The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality  hasn’t delivered the required State Plan for meeting US Clean Air Act, national ambient air quality standards in our state. So! We’re holding EPA to do it. Its a good law for us breathers!  Click to read about the suit in federal district court…

Luminant's Big Brown Coal Plant is one of 21 coal plants operating in Texas. They contribute a huge amount of industrial pollution including ground level ozone smog-forming Nitrogen Oxides, plus sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, carbon Dioxide and mercury. Nasty stuff.

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Interactive Map: Powerplant Health Risks

Find your state (Texas, of course), find your county, and see what the likelihood is of death and disease due to powerplant pollution. Yikes.

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