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EPA to TCEQ: Don’t issue the Las Brisas Air Permit

Las Brisas EPA R6 Comments (Letter from EPA to TCEQ asking them not to issue the Las Brisas air permit)

Oh, it’s true. EPA, like the rest of us, knows that the broken TCEQ is 99.9% sure to issue an air permit for the Las Brisas petroleum-coke plant, and they’ve issued this letter to the TCEQ outlining all the issues that have yet to be resolved.


Don't Issue That Permit!

The decision on the permit is set for tomorrow morning at 9:30, at the TCEQ headquarters in Austin, Texas. A bus full of Corpus Christi residents is coming to hear the decision and be available for public comment afterwards.

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LIVE at the EPA hearing on Greenhouse Gases

Hey Folks,

There’s no wireless in the hearing room, so we can’t liveblog. However, you can follow the Texas Sierra Club Twitter feed for live updates:


See the photo album of the fabulous turnout of Texans from across the state at the EPA’s greenhouse gas hearing in Dallas today. and you can read the full press release here.

So far, so good. Industry goons got scared off, and it’s pretty much all public citizens who care about clean air. Plus, Al Armendariz is here, and we hear that several people from Corpus Christi cornered him to talk about the proposed petcoke Las Brisas plant…

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Larry Running Turtle On Pollution in Corpus Christi

Don’t forget to call the EPA and ask them to stop Las Brisas.

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