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San Antonio Council approves rate increase — but calls on CPS Energy to add programs and efficiency

Today, the San Antonio Council  approved on a 9-2 vote  the proposed CPS Energy rate increase of 4.25%. However, while approving the rate — reduced from an original 4.75% increase proposal — several members asked CPS Energy to look at expanding its consumer service projects as well as their weatherization program known as Casa Verde. Moreover, several other councilmembers called on CPS Energy to look at increasing its STEP energy efficiency goals from the current goal of 771 MWs. CPS Energy General Manager Doyle Beneby told the council they would begin meetings to look at improving Casa Verde and would initiate a new energy efficiency study to see if the goals would be raised in the STEP program. Councilmembers also wanted CPS Energy to look at a fixed rates for those on fixed incomes.

Sierra Club, and other members of the ReEnergize Coalition, will continue to work with City Council and CPS Energy to increase energy efficiency and solar programs and update building energy codes in San Antonio.