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Renewable Roundup and Green Living Fair 2013

Mark you calendars everyone. The Renewable Energy Roundup and Green Living Fair of 2013 is just around the corner. This event is set to begin Friday, September the 27th  in beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas and plans to live up to the title of the largest all-sustainable event in the south, and the best!  This fair is a wonderful opportunity to have a great time with the family and see the newest up-and-coming developments for our environment.  The focus of the event is to present the latest information and technology concerning renewable energy, alternative transportation solutions, sustainable farming, and new efficient building technologies. As such, you can learn how to create and save your own energy, attend informative talks from a variety of green living experts, learn about the next generation in personal transportation technology, talk with the vendors about cutting-edge green living and sustainability practices, and – of course – take home or order some of the many products and services offered at the fair.

The fair will be taking place over the course of three days, Friday, September the 27th through Sunday the 29th and will be located in the MarketPlaza (100 East Main Street, 78624 Fredericksburg, Texas). If you’re curious about what you will be experiencing on any given day be prepared for exhibits and on-going demonstrations, fun learning activities for the kids, local and delicious eats, live musical performances and dozens of speakers all neighboring the beautiful Fredericksburg shopping district. For those who want to be closer into the action you can volunteer and contribute your time and skills all while earning a weekend pass and a one of a kind commemorative t-shirt with a unique design created by artist Hunter Ratcliff especially for the fair. You can choose to join and be alongside the hundred plus companies, agencies, and non-profit organizations spread out across the fairgrounds presenting this one of a kind event. You can also apply for an opportunity to speak at the fair and join the talented speakers who will be featuring hands-on information for consumers, the latest in green technology developments, and much more. There will be a wide variety of speakers giving presentations such as “Help Secure Your Future with a 100% Life Sustaining Capable Home,” “Waste to Water For Texas,” “Honey Bee Rescue and Rehabilitation,” “Growing Organic Vegetables all Winter,” “Saving Water through Solar Living,”  “Shifting our Economy by Investing in Local Food Systems,” “Air, Water, and Solar Power on the International Space Station,” and many more.  For more information on how to volunteer, have an exhibit of your own, or be a speaker you can go to theroundup.org to learn more. And for those who care to partake, there will be new Belgium, 100 percent wind-powered brewery’s beers and ales for sale. Also please remember to bring your own reusable water bottle to keep with the theme of the event as filtered water stations will be provided throughout the grounds.     

Not only is this fair a chance to get out of the house and have a fun time with the family, but also a chance to learn something new and take a step towards a healthy environment at the same time. This event fosters greater self-reliance and a more sustainable Texas for a growing population. For more details and information you can visit the official Renewable Energy Roundup and Green Living Fair website and be sure to come out for a fun and informative good time.

Written by: Christina Farrell


Clean Energy Coming to Texas

Tuesday morning, the Public Utilities Commission of Texas listened to public comment regarding Project #35792, a.k.a. the “non-wind renewable energy rule.”

Cyrus Reed, Conservation Director of the Sierra Club, and I gave separate comments after a rousing declaration of support for “poor” Texans by a local nuclear energy advocate. I was most intrigued by the gentleman’s matrix for explaining how nuclear was the most affordable and accessible energy source available to these “poor” Texans, while solar, specifically, provided an overwhelming financial burden and is simply unaffordable to most Texans.

Take a moment to vent, laugh, and curse under your breath…

In the comments I submitted on behalf of the Texas Apollo Alliance, we make it clear that by simplifying the registration process for distributed on-site energy generation, by strengthening Texas’ Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to include more MWs produced by non-wind sources, and by implementing these modifications by 2015, ALL Texans will benefit.

Stronger standards will directly lead to more investment in the solar, geothermal, and biomass sectors. If we, as advocates for the people, collectively continue to advocate for strong renewable energy standards, and advocate for low-interest loans with on-bill financing, we can help make clean energy affordable to thousands of Texans, poor and wealthy alike.

Which leads me to the sexiest thing about stronger non-wind renewable energy goals: Jobs.

Investment in clean energy markets = jobs. There is no doubt about that. A 2009 report by Blue-Green Alliance estimated that a 20 percent renewables target by 2020 would generate over 60,000 jobs in Texas, including 20,000 in solar development. By taking action, the PUC can spark a renewable energy rush to Texas that will not only help curb our state’s outrageous levels of toxic emissions, but help put our people back to work.

The Texas Apollo Alliance will work aggressively to promote clean energy and safe, good-paying, green-collar jobs for Texans. For more information on our work and our members, head on over to our website.

Dave Cortez
Texas Apollo Alliance
512-736-7600 (cell)
512-477-6195 x21 (office)
512-477-2962 (fax)

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