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Texas Bi-Partisan Victory for Energy Efficiency

Oooooo la la!  Victories like this are sweet in the current Legislature and we are HAPPY.  Thank you, Legislators!

Today, the Texas House of Representatives passed SB 1125, an overhaul of the state-required utility energy efficiency programs,  on third reading on a 99-34 vote.

The bill, sponsored in the Senate by Republican Senator Carona and in the House by Democratic Representative Anchia enjoyed bipartisan support.  It updates the energy efficiency programs that investor-owned utilities are required to manage by increasing and updating the goal for Energy Efficiency to 30 % of load growth by 2013, while transitioning to an equivalent percentage of peak winter and summer demand, and continuing to grow the programs beyond 2013.

The bill also requires ERCOT, the operators of Texas’s electrical grid, to allow market-based demand response programs for all customers, and allows utilities outside the competitive areas to directly interact with their customers on energy efficiency programs.

“This bipartisan bill should help customers gain more access to energy efficiency programs throughout the state while growing green jobs,” noted Cyrus Reed, Conservation Director of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club. “Energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest and cleanest way to meet our energy needs.”
For more information, contact Cyrus Reed, 512-740-4086

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Do you know an environmental hero?

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The Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club annually recognizes Sierra Club members and others who have done outstanding work in pursuit of environmental protection or in furthering the goals and activities of the Sierra Club. Most of the nominations for these chapter awards come from chapter and group leaders
The deadline for nominations for the 2010 awards is February 4, 2011. This deadline is necessary in order to give the Chapter Awards Committee time to review the nominations, make their selections, consult with the Chapter Executive Committee, and make arrangements for the award winners to attend the presentation.

More information here.

The Chapter’s award categories include: 1. Orrin Bonney Award – The Chapter’s highest award, given to the person who over a number of years (at least six) has exemplified the spirit and commitment of the Sierra Club by contributing their time and effort in one or several positions of authority for the Chapter.

2. Evelyn R. Edens Award – Commemorates the work of this Fort Worth area environmentalist who passed away in Feb. 1993. She worked in cooperation with others to create Save the Brazos and the annual Texas Meeting on the Outdoors and served on the executive committee of the Lone Star Chapter. The award, to be conferred only when merited, will honor river conservation efforts of individuals and groups.

3. Hermann Rudenberg Award – To be given to a Sierra Club member or other person who has worked diligently for the protection of Texas coastal resources. The award is named for its first recipient, Hermann Rudenberg of Galveston, who died in 1994. He was a longtime coastal activist for the Sierra Club at the local, state and National level.

4. Virginia Murray Brewer Award – To be given to a Sierra Club member or members who have contributed to the Chapter and/or a Regional Group via the Outings Program. The award commemorates Virginia Murray Brewer, who along with her husband Byron, was an active member and founder of the Central Texas Regional Group of the Sierra Club. Virginia was active in leading and promoting group outings that drew many members into the Central Texas Regional Group.

5. Chapter Conservation Award – To be given to a Sierra Club member or members who have worked diligently during the past year on a particular issue or who have revitalized the conservation efforts of the Chapter or Group.

6. Chapter Service Award – To be given to a Sierra Club member or members who have contributed significantly to the administrative activities of the Chapter, and/or Group, including fundraising, membership, publications, etc.

7. Special Service Award – To be given to the person or persons, members or non-members, who on one or more occasions have performed either a special service to the Sierra Club or to environmental protection.

8. Environmental Reporting Award – To be given to the reporter(s) in any media who have produced a series or single report which has provided exceptional coverage of an environmental issue. A volunteer award is given to a person or persons who has produced media projects or published Chapter or Group newsletters.

9. Phyllis Van Kerrebrook Award For Population – To be given to a Sierra Club member whose actions reflect Phyllis Van Kerrebrook’s vision for the future where (1) the needs of the human population are in balance with the Earth’s natural resources and (2) every child is a wanted child who is assured of inheriting a healthy and abundant Earth. This award is named for Phyllis Van Kerrebrook, for 25 years a planned parenthood advocate, who, until her death, was population chair of the Lone Star Chapter. The award will be conferred only when merited.

10. Environmental Justice Award – To be given to an individual or organization that has done outstanding work toward identifying and addressing environmental problems that have a disproportionately adverse effect on communities of color and/or low-income communities. This award will be conferred only when merited.

11. Harrold Tabor Award for Fundraising – To be given to a Sierra Club member or members who have done outstanding work in the area of fundraising for the Club during the past year. This award is named for Harrold Tabor, who was an active leader of both the Lone Star Chapter and the Concho Valley (San Angelo) Regional Group for many years. He was the creative force behind the Chapter’s fundraising efforts in the 1980s, and his leadership in building financial resources helped the Chapter to achieve a major expansion of its conservation work in Texas. The award will be conferred only when merited. This award is especially designed to be given for work at the regional level because of the importance of local fundraising, but it may be conferred also for fundraising work at the state and chapter level.

12. Art in Service to the Environment Award – To be given to an individual or group for an outstanding work of art in any medium or discipline in service to the environment. The award will be conferred only when merited.

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