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We Want You! Port Aransas…Fans Us!

Port A Meeting This Weekend

One of my favorite things about the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club is how we set priorities and make our decisions.  Ken Kramer, the Director of the Chapter for some thirty years is great at maintaining a democratic process.    He herds the cats in our ‘Excom’. 

Our Excom, or Executive Committee of representatives from around the state gets together 4 times a year to set our priorities.  They make decisions and move forward on Action Items. 

If you’re interested in getting more deeply involved in fighting for clean air and water for people and the environment, wild lands conservation, climate recovery and clean energy solutions — join the Sierra Club!  And set your sights on becoming a member of the Lone Star Chapter Excom!

Wanna know more?  Check out the website of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club — www.texas.sierrraclub.org or the blog of the Chapter and National Sierra Club in Texas —  http://www.texasgreenreport.org

Thank you Cake

The Chapter Excom is made of representatives from the local Sierra Club Groups around the Stateand some at-large volunteers.  Thanks to these folks from the Austin, Alamo, Beaumont, Big Bend, Coastal Bend, Dallas, Fort Worth, Golden Triangle, Lower Rio Grande Valley, Pineywoods, and Red River groups — we are paddling along, FIGHTING BACK against ye olde polluters and wanna be polluters, championing state and national parks protections, pointing the way to our clean energy future.

For a taste from our table, here’s what was on the Lone Star Chapter Excom’s Agenda today.  Any of these campaigns tickle your tummy?  Want to bring your dish to the table?

  • Clean Water Act enforcement
  • Texas Living Waters project
  • Tax Breaks for Water Stewards Land Management (on Texas ballots, November 8th)
  • Getting off fossil fuels by 2050
  • Public participation in Gas Fracking rule-making comments
  • Resolution asking National Sierra Club to increase funding and staffing of Beyond Oil campaign
  • Fighting uranium mining in our aquifers
  • Wind siting comments
  • Clean energy solutions
  • Texas Apollo Alliance-Blue Green Alliance merger
  • Stopping the Tar Sands pipeline
  • Appealing Radioactive Waste licenses
  • Grand Parkway & FEMA Lawsuits
  • Big Bend National Park Multi-Use Trail
  • Texas Parks & Wildlife Department outcomes from Legislative session
  • Roll Beyond Coal this Fall
  • Endangered Species Act and Dunes Sagebrush Lizard (Commissioner Jerry Patterson’s reptile dysfunction)
  • Protecting What We Love photo exhibit
  • Plus, other conservation items!

Want to volunteer and get involved in any of these campaign areas?  Email lonestar.chapter@sierraclub.org or phone our Austin-based conservation office, 512-477-1729.  We need:  graphics artists, phone bankers, data entry, letter writers, blog contributors, ad copy writers, tablers, meeting and press conference participants, fundraisers, computer experts, sign-makers, researchers, website creators, outings online promoters, and other volunteer participation to make these campaigns successful!  Come, join our Team and have fun protecting the environment with Sierra Club.

Go, Fight, Spin! 

Explore, Enjoy, Protect, and…Win!

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Posted by Donna Hoffman