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Judges Find That Tenaska Fails to Meet “burden of proof”

The Administrative Law Judges (The Judges) who heard the case against the proposed Tenaska Coal Fired Power plant ruled Friday that Tenaska’s air permit should not be granted as it stands!

“The Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) have concluded, based on their review of the evidence and applicable law, that Tenaska failed to meet its burden of proof to demonstrate that the emissions limits proposed in its Draft Permit will meet the requirements for Best Available Control Technology (BACT) and Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT).  The ALJs recommend that the Commission adopt more stringent emissions limits as indicated below.  Alternatively, the ALJs recommend that the Commission deny the Application or remand the matter for further evidence regarding BACT and MACT.”

While we all know there is no such thing as “clean coal” Tenaska claims that they would be one of the cleanest around, yet the judges recommended lower limits for almost every pollutant that Tenaska would emit.

The proposed Tenaska coal plant, if built, would be a 900 MW coal plant that would emit:

Citizens pack a town hall in Abilene - the majority are against the proposed plant.

Sulfur Dioxide: 2,183 tons/year; Nitrogen Oxide (forms Ozone): 1,819 tons/year; Particulate Matter: 1,092 tons/year; Mercury: 124 lbs/year.

This is one step in holding Tenaska accountable for the pollution they want to spew into the atmosphere.   The important thing to remember, folks, is that this is a “recommendation” to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), not a binding ruling.  So when the TCEQ commissioners make the decision on the Tenaska air permit they will have the opportunity to do the right thing for the health of Texans and deny the air permit!

We don’t need another coal plant in Texas.  Instead we should be investing in renewable energy technology like wind and solar which Texas is so ripe for!

Unprecedented failures by TCEQ call for unprecedented action by EPA

For years the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has let down the people of Texas.  Finally – we have the Environmental Protection Agency holding TCEQ accountable by  looking out for the health of Texans and Americans across the country!   EPA needs comments from you on these two rules, so I’ll let you know a little bit about both of them.

1.  The first is the Good Neighbor Rule – this one regulates interstate transport of air pollution.  As you can imagine, our neighbors in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and even Kansas are not too thrilled with how much air pollution Texas Coal plants are sending to these states.  Texas has the worst air pollution in the country – and we can do so much better.  Looks like our neighbors are getting fed up, and Texas is finally going to have to do something about it.  I have an idea – don’t build a dozen new coal plants adding over 70 million tons of co2 into the atmosphere!!  Submit your comment here today.

2.  Speaking of CO2 – the leading cause of climate change – EPA has also proposed a rule to regulate global warming emissions.  If you ask me, this is a no brainer.  Apparently – TCEQ and Governor Perry think Texas should be exempt from this regulation.  Every other state in the nation at least attempts to abide by the Clean Air Act – why should Texas alone be exempt from this?  I love Texas, I want to raise a family here one day.  I also want them to have what all Americans should have – the right to clean water and clean air.

Until Texas agrees to regulate CO2 emissions like every other state is required to do, no new air permits should be granted in the state of Texas.

Posted by Eva Hernandez, Beyond Coal Campaign – Texas Sierra Club